5 leather tote bags for women to gift your BFFs this Christmas

5 leather tote bags for women to gift your BFFs this Christmas

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh

Yes, you guessed it right! It's Christmas and time to be the secret Santa for your girls. If you are confused and tired of scrolling down different shopping websites, we will help you out. All you need to do is trust us.

One of the best gifts you could ever give to your bffs are "LEATHER TOTE BAGS FOR WOMEN". They are classy, statement-making, timeless and this time they are in budget too! Surprised no! Thanks to REECEE. Reecee is offering a up to 50% discount on their leather tote bags for women.

Why Reecee?

Inspired by the idea of MINIMALISM, Reecee is a homebred design studio known for its compact handcrafted leather accessories that add a flourish to your outfit.

This or that?

Reecee offers a wide range of premium quality and luxurious bags. Be it a tote or satchel, it's a one-stop destination for bag lovers. Moreover, the croc texture lends a metropolitan flair.

Since Christmas is on its way, there are 5 must-have leather tote bags for women that are perfect for gifting options.

Mini Tote 2.0- Black

Black is an evergreen color and you can never go wrong with a black-colored leather tote bag for women. Crafted from premium croc-embossed leather, this elegant  Mini Tote 2.0 is perfect for all occasions. Furthermore, the structured vertical silhouette stands upright. From keys, phone to the cardholder, this compact bag can fit all.


If your girl gang has someone who is artistic, strong-willed and enjoys prestige, this leather tote bag for women is ideal for her.

  •   Mini Tote- Lilac

Got any lilac-obsessed friend? Girl, you need to add this statement-making leather bag to the cart. Since Mini Tote comes with a customization feature, take complete advantage of it. What's wrong with expressing your love for your loved ones?

Made in croc-embossed leather, this bag will help her move from desk to bar effortlessly. This compact leather tote bag for women is capable of carrying knick-knacks, be it your house or car keys or your phone.

  •   Mini Tote- Burgandy

"Umm, I am looking for a bag which is classy but not too out-of-the-box. Like, I want to stand out but not in a weird way. You are getting, right!"

 If you got a friend like that, Reecee Mini tote bag in the shade of burgundy is what you need. The croc texture brings extra visual appeal. Made in croc-embossed leather, giving your compact bag a premium touch.

In case you are worried about durability, Reecee bags are destined to last for a lifetime.

  •   Mini Tote- White

Deciding a gift for someone like Shanaya isn't a cakewalk, however, we got you covered! Reecee's Mini Tote in the shade of white with a croc texture is one of the classiest bags you have ever come across. You can thank us later!

Since Reecee leather tote bags for women come with a personalization feature, so give it a try and make your bffs gift extra special.

  •   Mini Tote- Yellow

Do you have a BFF that cheers you up everytime you feel low? Is her presence all you need on dull days? Reecee's Mini Tote in the shade of yellow is all you need. Trust us, you are extremely lucky to have someone like her. Don't let her go. Besides yellow, the croc texture enhances the beauty of this leather tote bag for women.

  •   Mini Tote- Ocean Blue

Blue color signifies enthusiasm, sympathy, and communication. Mini Tote in the shade of ocean blue is suitable for people who stay calm in every situation. If you have a friend like her, you know what to do!

 Say Yes To Reecee

Reecee offers a wide range of leather tote bags for women which are suitable for all types of occasions. This Christmas, shop from this homegrown brand and experience the best of both worlds.